Plano Residence

Plano, Illinois / 2018 - Present

This Mid-century Modern home was saved from the wrecking ball with an eye towards re-use. The project began with the need to remove a derelict A-frame shed that was situated next to the house and replace it with a much larger and more modern shed structure in a different location. Living Habitats recommended building siting that minimizes the new shed’s visual impacts on the site, while radically improving vehicular flow and available parking.

It had been determined that the derelict shed would be removed, but the concrete pad it sat on was well situated to serve as a re-purposed patio with the addition of a gas fire pit and seating. We selected large concrete plank pavers and carefully arranged them to link this existing concrete patio to the home’s upper and lower decks with attention paid to minimizing existing mature tree impacts. The resulting new outdoor amenity spaces offer a wide variety of entertaining options for small to large group gatherings.

In their conscious efforts to be green in their construction, this client went beyond re-using and re-purposing existing infrastructure to utilizing pervious pavers on the new parking areas and integrating native plants throughout the surrounding yard. There is no turf on this home site, with the immediate yard area blending seamlessly into the site’s surrounding woodland.

A custom designed fence and entry gate offers additional definition of the site, framing the use areas, while also providing an isolated dog run. Living Habitats excels at integrating custom hardscape detailing that reinforces the architectural style of a home; in this instance stainless steel and stucco details from the house fa├žade informed the materials selections and proportions for the fence and entry gate detailing.

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