North Pointe Condominiums

Evanston, Illinois / 2004 - Present

Living Habitats takes pride in being a long term resource for our clients. Many of our projects start out by addressing a singular need and evolve into more thoughtful and comprehensive solutions over longer time frames. This is especially true for those clients that are interested in utilizing native plants to gain the many benefits that can be realized such as preventing erosion, absorbing large quantities of rainfall and creating important pollinator habitat.

This Homeowner’s Association Board engaged Living Habitats to solve shoreline erosion problems around their detention pond, which is nestled inside a ring of units and associated subterranean garage. This pond was a tricky bit of engineering as it is located on the roof of their subterranean garage. It is the focal point of most of the condominium units and is a prized amenity area with both private and shared outdoor seating areas.

It was concluded that some of the existing vegetation needed to be removed and other types added that would better support a stable shoreline condition. The native species selected for erosion control and habitat benefits also needed to be aesthetically pleasing most of the year, thus careful arrangement of the species are tended as a perennial garden. Associated costs to steward these plantings are more than offset by the ecosystem services provided. This pond shoreline restoration was completed over 15 years ago and continues to perform exceptionally well for the HOA. Living Habitats has continued to conduct monthly site visits during the growing season to insure the plantings are tended and invasive species are removed as they appear.

Other notable benefits realized by this community from thoughtfully improving their site were a sense of pride and ownership for having this unique amenity. The restored shoreline is home to a wide array of wildlife including frogs, fish, and many birds including unusual species like wood ducks.

Volunteer involvement in caring for the plantings, and even expanding other areas of native plantings within the property, has grown over the years. Realtors and garden enthusiasts have all commented on the enhanced landscape treatments as a strong selling point, reinforcing how important high quality residential landscapes are to people’s sense of happiness and well being.

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