Madison Capital Square

Madison, Wisconsin / 2006

Living Habitats was commissioned by the City of Madison and the Madison Arts Commission to revisit four fountains and two planters originally designed by landscape architect M. Paul Friedberg in the early 1970’s.  Living Habitats, along with Flowforms America, developed the Beacon Concept to respond to the needs of the urban core: redefinition of the Capitol Square as a gateway to the City and State, and the creation of a beautiful place to play and people watch.

In an effort to ground the new the new sculptural elements to the site, inspiration was drawn from the Capitol building’s Beaux Arts character.  The design blends stainless steel, granite, and bronze to celebrate water through flowforms and incorporates a sustainably-minded recirculating water treatment system.  The gently curving walls, planting, and adorned square pedestals of varying heights create a composition that serves as a stunning visual anchor.

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