Libertyville Private Residence


Nestled within a tranquil flat woods landscape, this private residence was designed to afford the owners the ability to wander their property and enjoy the serenity of the woodland environs. Building off the clients’ embrace of the natural setting and by utilizing a light touch, features like the fire ring, custom bridge, and stone patio were carefully located to minimize impacts on the existing landscape while creating functional spaces for entertaining. These principles extended to and are found folding into the sensibilites of the architectural solutions, which integrate several of the site hardscape details and materials.

Construction of the grounds has proceeded in a measured way over a number of years, beginning in 2009 as Living Habitats facilitated the wetland deliniation and permit application for Lake County. Through our attentiveness to construction oversight and with our keen awareness of the maturation of the landscape, we continue to support the stewardship of the property in efforts to perpetuate a functional and healthy natural environment.

Like all of the projects that we design, we work closely with our client, taking a vested interest in creating spaces that they would enjoy thoroughly and at times escape to in an effort to find inspiration.

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