Guthrie Park Memorial Revitalization at Riverside

Riverside, Illinois / 2017 - Present

An example of our small-scale public work, this study considered updates to a treasured veteran’s memorial in the center of the Village. The need to make the memorial accessible offered an opportunity to consider expanding and even relocating the memorial to a more prominent spot next to the Village Hall. Our study began with a review of the variety of memorial styles, considering how applying each type of memorial layout could factor into a unique plan alternative for consideration. Graphic plans, diagrams, and renderings were prepared by Living Habitats’ staff to communicate the design strategies in a way that provided both the contextual references for the design strategy as well as the desired aesthetics of the finished work. All of our graphics were used to communicate with Village leaders to help select a preferred alternative and begin capital improvement budgeting that will allow for the updates in the near future.

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