Deerfield High School

Deerfield, Illinois / 2011-2019

The development of a master plan for Deerfield High School’s recreational facilities located along the Middle Fork of the Chicago River required creative strategies to minimize impacts to the adjacent wetland and floodway.  Working together with Daniel Creaney Company, Living Habitats developed concepts that addressed not only the active recreational needs of Deerfield High School, but also planned for the restoration of several remnant woodland and wetland areas on their site for both curriculum support and passive recreation for the broader community.

Living Habitats completed site inventory work, including wetland delineation, and oversaw related permitting.  Construction documentation was generated that included wetland and woodland restoration, stormwater mitigation strategies, and new bioswales.

Holding true to our commitment to education, the project was awarded a grant from the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission to assist with student interpretation and restoration work.  Living Habitats coordinated student involvement in restoration activities and proposed interpretive elements to support the ongoing restoration.

The team’s efforts were ultimately rewarded with the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission’s 2012 Best Management Practice and Development Project of the Year.

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