Bridgman Private Residence

Bridgman, Michigan / 2017 - Present

Spectacular siting on the east coast of Lake Michigan fully informed the approach to this home and site renovation. The client was very clear about being good stewards for their sand dune and was glad to work within the strict environmental rules that govern critical dunes. Their goal was to not have any traditional yard areas, with the home site emerging from the native dune landscape that they desired to enhance and expand into areas immediately surrounding the house.

Beyond environmental aspects giving the site its spirit and guiding its design, a complete aesthetic make-over of the 70’s ranch house struck a modern note with a dash of throw-back details speckled throughout. Thus, well-paired, high-style details were pursued for all the site improvements as well.

The site’s existing natural resources were thoroughly inventoried and amended as part of the planning and site restoration process. All disturbed areas were replanted with species native to Michigan dune ecosystems. Those areas immediately around house are organized into plantings that read more like native gardens.

A dramatic concrete paver patio was designed to provide a firm visual foundation for the house and reinforce exterior color and material selections. The vision for the patio is for it to deconstruct at its edges, with increasing paver joint spacing as one moves away from the house and the patio gives way to the surrounding dune. The large scale and richly colored concrete paver units are each 2’x4′, and also serve as steps from the patio to the driveway. Other amenities integrated into the site plan include a stainless steel hot tub, outdoor shower, gas fire pit, a variety of outdoor seating and an upper screened deck.

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