Robert Rock


Robert joined as Principal of Living Habitats in the summer of 2016 after nearly fifteen years at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates in Brooklyn. His work has focused on the artful integration of infrastructure within the landscape fabric. The combination of aesthetic demands placed on a landscape and the integral service functions are critical to the performance of the environmental engine. Robert believes strongly that while this function and performance are essential metrics by which to measure landscapes, it is absolutely vital that a design solution be understood and appreciated by those individuals that use and maintain them.

As our natural resources are continually leveraged to meet the demands of a growing population we face increasing pressure to invent new methods to use them wisely and protect the environment that we share. By making design accessible and relatable we kindle the spirit of sustainability and resiliency. His years of work with complex client groups, institutions, and organizations, have provided him affinity for design collaboration and an admiration for the personal commitments that individuals make to their environment.

Robert is responsible for the management of the studio and works directly with Heidi in the cultivation and oversight of Living Habitats staff members. Robert is also responsible for the direct oversight of the firm’s project work and works directly with clients to ensure goals and design objectives are met. His rural Iowa upbringing serves as a foundation in resourcefulness and frugality that informs his approach to design and reinforces his deep appreciation for sustainability.

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