Heidi Natura


Since 1990, Heidi has been actively involved in promoting the wise use of our natural resources through her planning and design work. As a registered landscape architect it is her responsibility and mission as the leader of Living Habitats to understand and creatively express the needs and wants of humanity on the land, balanced with the needs and limitations of the earth and its many inhabitants. She is eager to work with individuals and organizations who are involved with projects that both directly and indirectly shape our world. It is her feeling that with every project undertaken, together with an application of creative thought, we can begin to meaningfully address the many environmental challenges we all collectively face today.

Heidi oversees all of Living Habitats’ project work and enjoys participating in every phase of a project and working directly with clients. With her experience and strong skills in facilitating both small-scale and large-scale projects, she is able to help clients with projects of all sizes to understand and articulate beauty, functional integrity, and environmental improvement by way of their decisions and actions. Special focus areas for Heidi have been the integration of native flora in built and natural landscapes, green roofs, and shoreline restoration design work. Her projects combine natural and structural elements in artful ways, creating aesthetically pleasing and ecologically rich solutions. Since founding Living Habitats, Heidi has been able to realize her vision for integrating landscape and ecology with custom art elements that enhance the beauty and meaning of the work generated. The custom artwork service often intrigues people, as it is sometimes not immediately apparent how it relates to the land. Landscape architecture is a form of installation art, working with living and non-living matter to create beautiful places.

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