Daniel Natura

Member & CFO

Over the last 30 years, Daniel has leveraged his professional experience to create a deep understanding of energy systems that create distributed heat and power. He is a smart-energy-use advocate, focused on behind-the-meter technologies for conservation of resources and dollars, pollution reduction and increased security.

Daniel is one of the founders and partners of Inventus, an organization focused on the sales, applications and service of renewable and wise-use power generation technologies. Career experience includes a wide array of related practice including applications for sustainable energy initiatives and back-up power systems, UL testing coordination for energy efficient products, and research and development of prototype power technologies for the Department of Energy, Chicago Transit Authority, Toshiba, Georgetown University and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Daniel is also a partner of Living Habitats and he has participated in many of the projects that have called for custom fabrications or a renewable energy aspect. For example, Daniel developed the solar energy design and specifications that power the lighting and the electric organ on the Rooftop Garden for the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library.

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